Stormscapes Photography Tours

“It’s just me and the storm. I am untouchable.

No struggle exists here. Only freedom.”

Jessica Moore
A photo tour guest photographs a massive supercell near Imperial, Nebraska on May 27th, 2019

This is not your ordinary photography tour..

There is something about the electricity that fills the air around a storm that breathes life into your soul. Pursuing these dramatic, awe-inspiring skies has been a passion of over 10 years for storm photographer and meteorologist, Jessica Moore.

Jessica has fine tuned her skills in forecasting and proper positioning around storms to fully optimize the photography opportunities that these impressive skies often display. She delivers consistent results in the field that represent her passion and relentless dedication to capturing our incredible atmosphere in a beautiful and unique way that is unlike any other storm photographer in her field.

Jessica has over a decade of experience photographing all weather extremes, and is well-versed with the many challenges that go along with storm photography. She takes her photo tour guests on an epic adventure that is so much more than just driving to storms and taking photos. She customizes her small, 2- or 3-person tours to the individual skill levels and desires of her guests, and develops an educational experience that sets a strong foundation for photographers wanting to break into the complex world of storm photography.

What this highly specialized photography tour offers you:

  • Basic meteorology and forecasting education. This will be tailored to your individual knowledge level, from very beginner to advanced
  • Daily forecast discussions for the duration of the tour
  • Safety briefings and tips for hazard avoidance
  • Proper positioning and safe navigation around storms
  • Storm photography 101
  • Camera settings and hands on instruction in the field
  • A fully customizable workshop-style experience

Stormscapes Photography Tours are kept very small, generally only 2-3 guests, with Jessica leading the tour along with an experienced storm chasing partner, driver and navigator, for a total of no more than 5 people in a single week-long tour. This is done to maximize the experience for the guests, and allows Jessica to deliver the personalized 1-1 instruction that she feels her guests truly deserve.

What is included with the price of the tour?

  • The cost of the photo tour is $3500 and is very competitively priced. Cost includes 7 days and 6 nights of lodging, gas, vehicle expenses and travel.
  • 20% non-refundable down-payment is required upon booking
  • **Flight to and from the base city (either Oklahoma City, OK or Denver, CO depending on the tour selected) are not included**
  • Discounts available for guests choosing double occupancy rooms
  • The tour aims to select mid to high-range hotels for lodging that includes a free breakfast, but this cannot be guaranteed. Guests are expected to cover their own food costs, and any miscellaneous purchases beyond gas and lodging
  • All guests are required to sign a liability waver prior to the start of the tour
  • Upon booking, guests will receive a full itinerary with in-depth details and travel information, along with an introductory guide for what to expect from their overall tour experience
  • All Covid-19 guidelines will be followed in accordance with the CDC and WHO, and as such, international guests will be considered on a case by case basis only. A negative Covid-19 test will be required within 72 hours of the start of the tour. Temperature checks will be taken daily. Proof of vaccination card strongly preferred. Masks and hand sanitizer will be provided and must be worn within any establishments we enter that require them. Frequent hand washing will be required or frequent hand sanitizing will be required when washing is not possible. These terms are non-negotiable for the protection of both tour guides and guests’ safety.


DatesBase City
Tour 1 – May 9th through May 15thOklahoma City, Oklahoma
Tour 2 – May 23rd through May 29thDenver, Colorado
Tour 3 – June 6th through June 12thDenver, Colorado

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