Welcome to my extreme weather photography blog and website! Please visit my About Me page for my bio, and follow my social media accounts below for more photos, live streaming video, and related content!  

Spring 2022 chase season is gearing up, and I’ll be doing a ton of live reporting from the field, so be sure to follow my blog here or my FB page (linked below) for my latest updates!

Documenting a Nor’easter in Scranton, PA – March 2017

Texas Panhandle Magic

April 3rd, 2019 was my first chase of the Spring season, not including a few local chases in Colorado in March. I was eyeing the eastern Texas panhandle for a few isolated, sculpted supercells. The tornado threat was on the low end, though not completely improbable. But from the perfectly spiraling wind profiles through the … Continue reading Texas Panhandle Magic

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